Entrepreneurial Network

“Creating an Entrepreneurial Community”

This initiative is based upon a 2010 presentation by Deb Markley of Center for Rural Entrepreneurship in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to the Virginia Incubator Association entitled “Energizing an Entrepreneurial Economy.”

National trends and initiatives for business development practices are designed around encouraging and supporting local entrepreneurship.

There are three main components to our initiative for “Creating an Entrepreneurial Community.”

  • School Mentoring Program (Project #1) “Foster Bright Ideas,” “Garden from Within”
  • Entrepreneurship support programs creation in partnership with local colleges/universities/R&D Centers; Talent sharing, interface between colleges/universities and industry (Project #2) “Nurture to Success”
  • Establish a viable model in Warren County; Take the Initiative to the Region: (Project #3) “Innovative Collaboration”

Projected Outcomes:

  • Create partnership with the school system and entrepreneurial studies + student entrepreneurs
  • Demonstrate support/mentors for student entrepreneurs
  • Develop local student internships
  • Establish partnerships with schools, businesses, student entrepreneurs
  • Create nurturing environment for “bright ideas” and successful entrepreneurs
  • Develop business mentoring relationships
  • Establish partnership with local colleges/universities and entrepreneurial studies
  • Create programs to support/mentor college-age+ entrepreneurs
  • Share talent between schools, colleges, local businesses + industries
  • Develop and nurture business mentoring relationships
  • Bring commuters home to work
  • Chart college-age career interests for business recruitment strategies
  • Establishment of pro-business environment, commitments to success, investments in community
  • Demonstrate Investments by: school system, local businesses, service organizations, citizens
  • Develop Regional Plan of Action
  • Share Resources Regionally (larger canvass; more opportunities)
  • Create a healthy, progressive, self-sustaining local economy

Entrepreneurial Network is an initiative of the Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority.

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