Micro Loan Program


Elgible Applicants:
New or existing retail or commercial business targeted to providing goods or services to Warren County residents.

Eligible Uses of Loan Proceeds:
Equipment and inventory purchases, and working capital. A maximum of 25% of loan proceeds may be used for working capital.

Financing Limits:
A maximum of $10,000 may be loaned for a term not to exceed 5 years. A minimum of 10 percent of the total project cost will be required in the form of borrower cash.

Job Creation Requirements:
The job creation requirement is waived, but the borrower is expected to work full-time at the funded business.

Terms and Underwriting Standards:
Loan term will generally be 5 years depending on the asset financed. The rate will also be set based on the risk using the prime rate as the basis.

There is a $50.00 application fee for the Micro Loan Program.

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